Pioneer, Arcam, Denon or Audiolab AV Amp dilemma


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I'm looking to replace my faulty 11.5 year-old Denon A10SE amp. It's never had a problem until the last couple of months but I'm sure it's near the end of its useful life. Movie and music is around 60% / 40%. Music sound quality is important.

Speakers are listed in my sig and were bought 12 years ago but I'm happy with them. I recently added a BK400 sub.

Only sources are SkyHD, Arcam DV79 (used for DVD and CD playing) and a Denon DAT player that holds a lot of music recorded from vinyl. No current plans for Blu-ray but won't rule it out long-term.

Before I bought the Denon I had Audiolab 8000C/P pre-power amps and I'm currently using the 8000P to drive the rear channels as the Denon outputs a hiss on rear left channel.

The options I'm considering are:-

  • Pioneer LX85
  • Arcam DVR400 or maybe 600
  • Audiolab 8200AP/8200X7
I appreciate there's a huge price difference between the Audiolabs and the others but the Pioneer especially has a lot of bells and whistles I don't need and I suspect quality in the power amps is being compromised to keep the price down.

Despite excellent sound quality I'm concerned about unreliability with Arcam. Perhaps why one retailer is offering a 600 at £2K, down from £3.6K.

Does the Audiolab 8200 range measure up to the quality of its 8000 range of 25 years ago? I know it's all built in China but I would hope the components are still top notch. Does its sound quality justify the price tag?

Is it a sensible option to use my 8000P to drive the front pair if I bought the LX85?

Sorry for all the questions but I'd appreciate some opinions on how best to proceed.
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85 views and no-one with an opinion? Is there something unclear in my post?


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