Pioneer amp/receiver with HDMI



Hey guys!

I'm considering buying a Pioneer ax10ai but for future proofing I would
really like to have it with HDMI switching. I know this is not available yet,
but has anyone heard of any future Pioneers with this feature included??

Also I would like to know if it would work well with my B&W 603 s3's or
would it be better to upgrade to something better than those too?

I like to listen to radio too, can anyone recommend a good tuner
to go with this machine?
Thanks alot!!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


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If you go to the Bristol Show next weekend & visit the Pioneer room Chances are John Bamford will be there (hes the head honcho IIRC) ask him as he will know what's planned for the next generation of amps receivers. :)


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I've just been looking at the Panny S97 (their 'flagship' DVD player) and Panny SAXR70 receiver . £300 and £378 respectively. These both have HDMI so you can go from player to pj via hdmi - seems to be the way of the future.




Thanks guys,
Unfortunately I won't be able to make it to Bristol as I live in Holland
and don't have the time. If anybody else get's a chance to talk to
this gentleman, you know what to ask!!!

I'm also still wondering about B&W 603's with the ax10ai.


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I run my ax10ais with Mirage OM7`s etc (about £2000 for the front pair) and sound is awseome. Also as this amp has a fantastic range of auto set up options with inc` mic etc it will blend in perfect i`m sure with the B+W`s.

Did once audition Arcam AV8/P7 with your exact B+W`s and that was also great, then went to another audition Arcam AV8/P7 with the Mirage OM7`s and fell in love with the speakers.

When pairing the Mirages at home with the AX10 sound quality only dropped say 5% compared to the Arcam and that was the original MKI version! So am very confident you would love the Pioneer although I don`t even use the video side so up to you on that one.


I'm just not sure whether I should get better speakers and go for the
ax5ai or spend the speaker money on a ax10ai !?!
Guess I will continue going to shops to audition the amps and speakers.


I am also busy with an upgrade and have gone through all these issues before (actually still going through them). I would say that the AX10 is over the top with the 603's. You do not need anything more than the Ax5 with speakers in that power range. If you can, a great improvement will be if you can try the B&W 704. Even if you can not do this now, the AX5 has more than enough power and features including HDMI.


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I don't think the ax5 has HDMI. Not even the ax10 has HDMI. The only one with HDMI is the DENON AVC - A1XV.As far as I know

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