Pioneer A400x and Marantz SR7500


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Some advice please guys.
I am currently running the SR7500 only in my HT/music setup and was thinking about wether i can also run the A400x strictly for music as well.I have no idea on how to connect these two together or if at all it is possible.Will there be something to gain from introducing the A400x for play my LP's and CD's.I was previously running the A400x before purchasing the AV amp and know that it is still a great amp.Other components are Linn LP12,B&W speakers,Marantz CD player.Any suggestions Please.
Cheers Gary


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I would imagine that the Marantz SR7500 has front pre-out connections on the rear. If it does, it should be easy to connect your hifi amp up and allow the hifi amp to drive the fronts and the Marantz will drive the centre and rears. As to whether there is anything to gain, how do you find the Marantz for stereo playback? Did you prefer your Pioneer?


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I checked the US manual and it does have pre-outs. The simple method is to connect the FL & FR preouts to a spare input on the hifi amp e.g. Aux or Video. Connect your front speakers to the Pioneer and the centre and rears to the Marantz plus the sub via sub pre-out. Set the Pioneer volume at 12 o'clock (memorable position) and then calibrate the amp around that. Connect your stereo sources via the hifi amp for stereo (2.0) playback. Voila'. Just remember to turn the hifi amp volume down when listening to music, then return to 12 o'clock when finished for movie watching.

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