Pioneer A04 Firmware


Dick Scratcher

Before I go and update the firmware on my dvd burner I could do with some advice and info before I take the plunge.

I have downloaded Gradius's hacked v1.33 firmware which allows RPC1 and 2x writing for all R media. My main reason for updating the existing v1.20 firmware is that I don't want my drive frying itself if I use 4x media which the official Pioneer v1.33 firmware addresses. Can I therefore assume that the Gradius firmware basically locks the A04 to 2x (thus avoiding toasting my drive with 4x media) but allows 2x writing to good quality 1x media? If I change writing speed in nero to 1x, regardless of the media, will the drive comply?



No idea, but the easiest way to stop burning at 4x is to force it to 2x in your burning program.

Also, be aware that not all media can be burnt at 2x. There are a lot of people very p$£*ed off at the fact they are producing more coasters now than working discs.

Best bet is to only use 1x unless the media says it's 2x.

I'm not upgrading my firmware as v1.22 that I got via Gradius does everything I want (i.e region free :) ) so haven't see the need to upgrade any further. If more media arrives that's 2x (or even 4x) then I'll think about upgrading.

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