Pioneer 915 or 1015?

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    *** Bugger, wrong forum, please ignore and I'll repost to correct forum ***

    Looking at getting a new amp to replace my aging Sony 930. As I have the Pioneer 434 Plasma, I'm migrating all my gear to Pioneer.

    I use the Pio 434's speakers as my centre and have 4 floorstanding Tannoy speakers and a REL Q100E sub.

    I would only consider Pioneer, Denon or Sony, but Pioneer, as well as matching my other components, have a few features that I don't think the others have :

    1) BiAmp feature - handy as my Tannoys are currently biwired and I'm happy with a 5.1 only setup.

    2) SR+ link to Pioneer Plasma

    The Pioneer 1015 and 915 both seem to have the features that I'm after, although the 1015 is THX certified with more power. The 1015 is heavier and IMHO prettier, but is 33% more expensive again than the 915.

    I have scoured my local dealers + Comet/Currys/Powerhouse and no-one has these models to view. Of course I will be ordering off the net, but I'd like to have gotten the feel of one at least.

    There is a review of th 915 in "What Home Cinema", where it scored 88%, and it is actually quite a mixed review.

    I am also worried that these may be a bit plasticky compared to the beautiful brushed aluminium finish of my Sony 930. (Comet did have an 812 and it seemed very plasticky)

    Has anyone any experience with either of these?

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