Pioneer 912 volume question.



I think this is probably quite a noobish question but i searched and couldn't find an answer.

Does volume correspond to watt output or decibel output?

Reason i ask is im worried ill blow my speakers if i go above -50 which is the same wattage number im told are my surround speakers.

Center is 70w with 100w max, 8 ohm.
Surrounds (i think are) 50w, 8 ohm.
Subwoofer is active 150w.

Sound seems a bit quiet at -50 when watching dvds, especially voices but sky seems about what i should expect.

One more thing i find is the sub seems really weak, i can hear it but just cant feel it which i thought was one of the main reasons for a sub?

Thanks for any help!


Hi there and welcome

-50dB is but a whisper..
The decibel scale is not linear, ie there is not a uniform incease in volume as you turn up the volume knob. Secondly the dB reflected on the amp is in no way related to the speaker power handling. db do not = watts.

You can safely turn the volume up (assuming everything is wired up correctly) to a level I'm sure you'll find more reasonable. When I'm listening at relatively low volume my amp is on about -20dB and as much as 0 when I want a bit more oomph!

Your sub should start kicking then as well (you didnt specify your speakers)



Thanks, i tried seeing how high it goes without any sound playing so i turned it up and its max is -9, also i noticed theres interfearence from sky as i could faintly hear it at that level, is that something i should try to fix?

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