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Dec 14, 2002
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Busting out a restaraunt in Queens, NY
Does anyone know where i can find an online review of this player? I can't find one.

Alternatively, can anyone comment on the pq obtained feeding this into into a panny 5 by component. I have a dv88p at the minute but am thinking of switching to this to go with my ax10i.


1) does the pq compare OK with the arcam?
2) will i notice any difference with ilink?


If I remember correctly, SIM2 were using such a machine to demonstrate their projectors in Manchester on Saturday. They are (justifiably) proud of their products - especially their 3-chip DLP item at GBP25,000. Anyhow their choice of DVD source perhaps ought to tell you something.
last month's WHF had a review of the player on a super test, wich it won...
last month's WHF had a review of the player on a supert test, which it won...
I have an 868 feeding a Panny PW5, and the pic quality is fine, of course I can't comment on Arcam, as I have only ever owned Pioneers.
I previously had a 747 and cannot say that the 868 is any better for picture quality, although I do use an iScan Ultra which clearly beats the 868 for I-P conversion. You should be aware that the 868 has the CUE.
Unfortunatly I have the AX10 without the i-link so cannot comment on that aspect, although what I've read on the subject seems to indicate it doesn't make a night and day difference, especially since the Ax10i will downsample SACD to PCM.
if you switch from the arcam i think you will be down grading slightly if u use component.
cant remember what deinterlacer the arcam 88 uses but if its silicon images or faroudja then this is a considerbly better option.

as for hdmi youll get a noiseless pic but not much better than component as some would like you to believe..
but at least an equal to the arcam 88 but still the deinterlacing problem
Thanks a lot for that folks

I missed WHF last month and can't find it anywhere. Do they do back issues or can someone give me a flavour of the summary?#
You'll find a much more informative and useful reveiw of the 868 in the Feb issue of HiFiNews's supplement AVTech, back issues available here:
868 & 668 reviewed in reasonable depth in April's Hi-Fi Choice.
The only advantage of changing to the 868 will be the iLink connection and hence great quality SACD and DVD-A. In all other areas the Arcam is most definitely better so prob best to stick with what you've got!

If you've got the upgrade plug, buy yourself a couple of Russ Andrews power cables!!

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