Pioneer 868 v Denon A11 into Panasonic PWD6: shortcomings

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by jrpavel, May 16, 2004.

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    I have been trying these two DVD players and have yet to settle on an optimal solution.

    The Panasonic plasma screen has both component and DVI boards.

    The receiver is a Yamaha Z9, which can scale, etc, if called upon to do so. I use it to handle the progressive signals (at 720p or 576/420p (without noticing much difference, except that the Panasonic cannot always zoom a 720p signal).

    Suggestions for overcoming some of the glitches identified welcome.


    Good looking picture with component, but sometimes seems to be squished horizontally: people are thinner. This must be a setting of some sort. It doesn't happen with all DVDs.

    No zoom function, so must use the Panasonic's Zoom function if want to fill screen on 1:2.35 films to get rid of top and bottom strips.

    i.Link sound works.

    DVI does not work because the HDMI output cannot be set to output NTSC, which is what the Panansonic's DVI board seems to require.


    Less attractive picture (more distracting artefacts particularly in dark areas, especially with DVI (a testament to the Z9's picture processing, I assume) less saturated, slightly cyan).

    Has 1.5x Zoom, which can be used to fill screen of widescreen DVDs.

    i.Link sound does not work.

    I have done my best to calibrate the systems with Digital Video Essentials, but it's difficult to decide whether to change black level rather than brightness, for example. Nvertheless, I get full range black to white spectrums, particularly if I switch AGC off on the Panasonic.

    I have not done any real comparisons between the sound outputs of these players as CD/SACD/DVD-A players.

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