Pioneer 812 to ax5i or buy 2 channel amp?



Ok guys pop quiz,

Setup config below:

Do I update my pioneer 812 to an ax5i, or should i get a 2 channel power amp & keep my pioneer 812.

Was thinking of buying a 2 channel rotel amp for the front 2 speakers & use my 812 for rest....

Which in your valued opinions would be the best?

SETUP: pioneer 504, pioneer 812, pioneer 868i, mission 733i fronts, mission cente 73c, pioneer surrounds, rel strata 3 sub.


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As you have the 504 & 868, I think the "5" is a must to exploit all of the "package" benefits (I-link etc)

I have gone down that route (504/868/AX5/FS1-6.1 ) & use a Rega/Arcam/Audiolab/ Mission 770 system for CD & good old 33 rpm!




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I Have a ax5i for movies and its amazing, but for stereo is only average. So i use a musical fidelity amp and cd for stereo.
The ax5i only amps the central and surrounds.

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