Pioneer 757Ai & Denon AVCA1SE (upgraded)


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couldn't find any info on this...will the upgraded Denon's i-Link accept the Pioneers i-link for audio (SACD/DVD-A)??


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Upgraded Denon A1SE's don't have an i-link socket so no, it won't work.
Upgraded A1SE's only have a 'Denon Link' socket which uses a different connector and a different method of transfer.
It is only compatible with high end Denon DVD players like the A11 and A1.

I've heared that the next flagship amp from Denon will have both i-link and Denon link, but it hasn't been released yet.


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the amp would also have to be upgraded to denon link 3 before sacd will pass(same for the A11 i suspect)

jules is right however, no i-link at the moment on denon flagship amps(although they are i-link ready for when the upgrade is made available)

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