Pioneer 757..?


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Any one demoed one, yet? Is it even out yet..? What's it like? :D

I'm in the market for a new DVD player & a decent CD player.. If the 757 can compete with, say a £500 dedicated CD player for 2ch audio - I'm interested..

So people, I'm all ears.. :D


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Some information.

The successor of the Pioneer DV-747. We do not know a lot about this machine yet except that it will be very similar to the 747. Neither price nor wheter it will be able to play PAL progressive by factory or modification. The player is basically a Pioneer DV-656-S / Pioneer DV-656-K plus digital output board by Firewire/AiLink for DVD-Audio and SACD plus progressive output. Unfortunately the player is built much cheaper than the 747.


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Hmm.. that info has certainly not whetted my appetite... :/

Digital output for SACD/DVD-A looks interesting, but which receivers/processors are able to decode the bitstream..?

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I had a listen to this at the recent Heathrow Hi-Fi show. It certainly sounded good, bearing in mind all the usual qualifications about trying to assess sound quality during a manufacturer's dem. At the moment the digital out is only enabled for SACD, although once 'political' problems are sorted DVD-A digital out will be enabled also. This was expected to happen in the very near future according to Pioneer. The enabling of DVD-A digital out can be done retrospectively for people who buy a unit now. At the moment, there are no decoders/amplifiers on the market that accecpt Firewire in that I know of. Pioneer will release an upgraded AX10 in the spring with new digital inputs. They are looking at the matter of retro fitting existing units for existing owners, but there will almost certainly be a charge for this. I think this feature will filter down to lesser units in the Pioneer range over time. Pioneer seem cofident that the Firewire digital connecter will become industry standard for the transfer of digital audio data. Likewise, the unit will output NTSC progressive, and will be able to output PAL progressive once the politics of that issue are resolved!

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