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Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by ries, May 19, 2002.

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    Last week I received the 747a with pal progressive mod. I hooked it up to my Panny plasma and everything seemed great. I first played some NTSC discs and no problems here. Then I started playing Gladiator, a region2 PAL disc, everything went fine in the beginning, until I came to scene 3 (after the battle, where Maximus is washing his hands), all of a sudden all the red
    dissapeared in the picture, everyone had blue faces, ect! First I thought something was wrong with the cables, so I checked the connections (connected by YUV component), everything was good connected. Then I did <Next chapter> on my remote, and the colours came back to normal. So I played a few minutes longer into the movie, and all of a sudden the red dissapeared again! Again I pressed <Next chapter> (or <Menu> and then <menu> again) and all the colours came back.

    From that I drew the conclusion that there was something wrong with the player. When I then went back to chapter 3, everything worked okay, but then on a different time-frame the red dissapeared again, so it's not always on the same spot, wich is really strange.

    I then switched to Interlaced, because I thought I was the PAL progressive mod causing the problems, but even in Interlaced mode I have the same problems. I then switched to S-video, the problem remained. Also I switched to a normal tv, hooked up from the composite output of the player, and still I got the same problem.

    Then I played Amelie, region2 PAL disc. I played the whole movie for two hours, and no problems! Then I played Harry Potter, right in chapter 2 all the red dissapeared again. So it's not with every PAL disc, wich is even more stranger.

    Does anyone has some clue what's going on? The player is returning to the dealer this week, but I'm more curious what's causing this.


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