Pioneer 737 upgrade?


Anyone upgraded from a Pioneer 737 to a 747 or 757? If so whats the difference?
Or has anyone upgraded from a 737 to anything better?

Roy Batty

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The main differences has to be that

a) both 747 and 757 have their own 192kHz DAC audio decoder that allows them to play full fledged DVD Audio tracks

b) The 757 has a 12-bit/108MHz DAC video processor, while the 737 was 10-bit/54Mhz.

In addition to this, the 757 can play almost every media you can think of: DVD-Audio as mentioned, SACD, CD-R, Mp3... you name it.

I ungraded from a 737 to a Philips 963SA.

Whole new ballpark - MUCH better audio - plays SACD, MP3 and its also PAL Progressive with Faroudja DCDi video processing coupled with a 12-bit/108MHz DAC video processor


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Andy, could you please tell us where you bought your Philips 963sa from (please don't say Techtronics!!) and how much for. Thanks :D


nah, kidding :)

I imported it from The Netherlands. I used

Total cost £342 inc. shipping and Dutch VAT @ 19%. I paid by Paypal, but you can do COD as well.

Was MR and PAL-P out of the box.

Please do a search under my username if you need more info.

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