Pioneer 737 Faults (?) Help Please !!!


Mike Antrum


I wonder if you guys can help me out with some of your most excellent advice.

I have just sold my Pioneer 737 on ebay, having just upgraded to a Denon 2900. However, the chap who bought it has called me saying that there is something wrong with the player, and that it has two faults (one of which seems a little bizarre).

Now I bought this player from new from the most excellent Hull branch of Sevenoaks, and it has not played up once in all the time I had it. Albeit I have only put genuine DVD disks and CD's into it.

Fault One: It doesn't play Video CD disks. He assures me that these video CD disks are genuine, and that he is buying them from his local Computer Fair - where they are very strict on software piracy (to which my initial reaction is - Yeah, Right!). The disks he mentioned were Disney Video CD's and that they also had a hologram on them. However, I was not aware that Disney released their films on Video CD in this country. Now the 737 never did play CD-R's so if they are pirate disks that have been burnt on a CD-R they won't work anyway. Do Disney do Video CD in the U.K ? I suspect not, but you guys may know better.

Fault 2: DTS Audio disks. This chap also says he has a collection of 50 DTS audio disks. Apparently when he puts one of these into the player it screeches. Not the sound coming from the speakers though, but the actual player mechanism. However, only the 50 DTS audio cd's are affected. DVD's and other CD's are fine. Now, I would expect that the way an audio tack is encoded on the CD would have no bearing on whether the mechanism was screeching or not, but perhaps some of you know better.

Otherwise, he is delighted with the improvement in video and audio quality over his old player, a pioneer 525. The 525 also plays these 'Video CD's' (in quotes) and the DTS audio disks with no problem.

Now I want to be fair with this guy, who seems a pleasant chap, and it is possible that the player was damaged in transit. It was however shipped in original packaging, and if it was damaged in shipping, these faults seem a little bizarre to me. I would have thought that these faults would also show up on movies and audio CD's. Would any of you Gurus out there care to offer a little of your expertise to the bewlidered ?

Thanks in advance,



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I have a 737. I can say from experience it definitely plays:

Video CD in either PAL or NTSC format - but only I have only tried true standard VCDs (MPEG1 CBR1150kb/s). I gather it will play some non-standard variants but with limitations (eg Max bitrate) etc. More info on this at .

CD-Rs and Cd-RWs - in audio and true VCD formats.

I can't comment on the screeching but if it is a genuine mechanical scraping, it sounds like (for some reason) the said disc is maybe thicker than regular DVD or CD? Anyhow, I don't believe the 737 professes to play any of the newer audio-only formats like DVD-A, SACD, etc etc.


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The 737 does have a slightly noisey transport with some discs. Its normal, and in all other respects its the most reliable DVD player I've ever owned... and I've owned a few.

I don't think it'll be faulty.

I have a work mate who used to offer to lend me discs, but it turned out that most of them I borrowed were badly recorded and scratched, and most of them were bought at computer fairs.
I now politely decline his offers and only use my own original and backup discs.


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The VCD problem is all down to the header, it's very fussy about them.

I must admit I didn't think Disney did VCD's either.

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