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Jan 1, 2005
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Hi all..

Potential problem with my Pio DV-696AV at 1080i - I have had this player a while but only just got around to using it in anger tonight. It's hooked up via HDMI to an Octava switcher going into my Pio 43" Plasma (Pioneer PDP-43SXE) and all seemed well until I got close to the screen tonight and noticed some jagged lines around all text (particularly when no disc was present - i.e. on the Pioneer's menu/display settings) and around people's bodies when watching a movie.

Having changed down to 720p all is immediately well but this is a concern as I assumed 1080i would work perfectly. Can anyone help on this one please? Any advice..?

Also (and this may be more to do with the disc than the player) but when watching The Wire Season1 Disc1 (not tried the other discs yet) I am seeing a number of white horizontal lines running across the very top of the screen. The only way to NOT see these is put the screen into 'Zoom' mode which means that some of the picture isn't visible - Any thoughts/advice here?

Many thanks in advance (as always)....

Cheers - YEMONDO
Have you tried to put the player in NTSC mode to see if it looks better!

1 If the player is on, press STANDBY/ON to switch it to standby.
2 Using the front panel controls, hold down >>| then press STANDBY/ON to
switch the TV system.The TV system changes as follows:
• NTSC --> PAL
• PAL --> AUTO
Whilst I am not familiar with the player you have I will make a general point that bigger numbers are not always better! To get 720p from a 480i or 576i DVD, the player must first deinterlace the video, then scale it to 720p. If your display is not 720 pixels high and 1280 wide then the display will rescale this again to map the picture to its exact number of pixels.

To get 1080i displayed the DVD player must still deinterlace the source DVD as you cannot scale interlaced video which by its very nature is temporally distorted. So then it scales the 480p or 576p to 1080p internally, then re-interlaces to 1080i. The display accepts this and then deinterlaces back to 1080p internally. The deinterlacers in most displays do this relatively poorly. Then the display must downscale this to map the picture back to its native number of pixels. Downscaling is harder to do than upscaling as a rule.

So guess which picture is likely to look better!!!

Hope this helps.

John Dawson (Arcam)
the pio plasma your talking about can accept a 1080i input but would need to downscale back to 720p, so you're better off using the 720p settings anyway

i have the pio505xde which is 1280x768 so use 720p (the panel then needs to upscale slightly). the 43" pio's resolution is slightly lower i think (1024x768 or something). you are better off using the progressive output than interlaced

you do get some jaggies with the 696, and it's probably more noticeable on interlaced settings. your also probably better letting the player auto switch pal/ntsc depending on disc and you might get jerking on the wrong setting for the disc
I have the 696 hooked up to a Sony Bravia 26" S series. I found 1080i mode to have issues, lines etc which sounds similar to what you experienced. 720p mode was fine so I left it on that setting as 720p is quite nice anyway. I know my set is ok as I have had PS2 at 1080i, PC at VGA 1:1 pixel mapping all fine .

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