Pioneer 668vs868 video performance through HDMI



I was wondering if via HDMI this 2 players have the same video performance. Oh and i did search the forums and i haven't find a definitive answer. I want to know this because i have a 434 and i want to take advantage of the HDMI input given that my current dvd player is six years old!!!. Thanks


I havent seen these two side by side but am probably planning on getting an 868 when i find one in stock locally, that will probably be 2005 then. The main selling point for me is the fact that i have a pj and the 868 can upscale to 720p and output this via hdmi where as the 668 cannot.
I am not that familier with plasmas but if your 434 is 720 native resolution then the 868 would be better.


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Have you considered the Yamakawa through DVI? Mine works through a DVI to HDMI lead and the player upscales to 720p as well (does 1080i too)

I wouldn't like to talk about the different picture qualities as I haven't seen much of the 868 but I am duly impressed with this player as I have also recently upgraded from an old machine!


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The difference is the 868 can give HDMI output up to 720p and 1080i, that means it has a more powerfull scaler inside because the 668 can give only 480p and 576p so the difference is quite big.
Go for the 868 hope i helped.


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the 868i also passes an Interlaced signal via HDMI, which will be great for an pic improvment when external HDMI scalers/deinterlacers become available.
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