Pioneer 668 - Panny 6 Perfect Match?



Is the below configuration a perfect match for a home theatre for now?

Pioneer 668 DVD Player
Panasonic Th-50 or 42PW6
BetterCables HDMI-DVI cable

And one other question i looked at Pioneer web site but they didn't mention.

Is 668 720p 50hz?

Has anyone using the above system? If yes are you happy with it?
Unfortunately the Panasonic won't accept a PAL sourced signal via DVI (or via HDMI -> DVI) so this partnership isn't going to work.....

But to be honest from what i've tested on the Panasonic the Denon DVD 2200 via component is better (in my opinion of course) than the Pioneer is via HDMI anyway!
Also the Pioneer 668 doesn't have a built in scaler unlike the more expensive 868, so it can't display anything other than the standard 480i/p NTSC or 576i/p Pal.

Ryan :smashin:
Oh, I'm not a hundred percent sure, but I just assumed that as HDMI will allow interlaced outputs and as the 868 does allow 480i and 576i so would the 668, as this would not have anything to do with scaling which only the 868 has?

I'll have a quick scan of the 668 manual and check..

Just checked and your right Gordon, the manual states that the 668 will only output 720x480p and 720x576p, strange why this would be the case? Any ideas??

So if 668 cannot output 720p there is no need to invest so much money in such a dvd player. Is buying a Sony 930-730 or Samsung 935 a better option then 668?

Why can't we use DVI connection of Panasonic 6 by the way? There is a DVI board being sold on the market, does it not work properly?
Gordon was that directed at me?
Taken from
HDMI specs allow 480i and 576i digital outputs which DVI specs do not. DVI requires at least a 480P bandwidth signal to be output. What does that mean? Well it means that if you are using DVI out (with or without HDCP it doesn't matter) then you will likely be sending a signal that is already de-interlaced to 480P/576P or perhaps scaled higher even. You will be limited in performance by the de-interlacing and scaling of the source devices electronics. If you could send the 480i or 576i information out to a suitably equipped external video processor the chances are you could get better results. Having said that, just because 480i and 576i are within the HDMI specs it doesn't mean that a source with HDMI out will actually have those output resolutions enabled on the product. In fact I have been trying to find an HDMI DVD player to try this with and the cheaper of the current HDMI Pioneers doesn't allow these resolutions. The forthcoming Immersive DVD player will.

I see that you've mentioned that the 668 doesn't do interlaced output over HDMI, but I don't see an explaination of why?
Surely as the 668 and 868 share many components they should both be able to output interlaced, the only difference of the 868 should be that it an scale (and the 12bit versus 14bit video dacs), so it looks like this is down to a decision made by Pioneer on whether to allow the 668 to have this ability as opposed to the 668 not actually being able to do it?
My thinking is that they realise that many people would want a digital interlaced output, as people pay big money to get from an SDI mod at present, and they just didn't want to give that away at a lower price point, instead you have to pay more for the 868 to then not use any of the extra hardware it has just to get HDMI 576i out.....

Ryan :smashin:
Ryan: It wasn't aimed at you. Also that is COPYWRITED material you have just posted. Perhaps you could go back and edit your post to reflect it was taken from my website. (I'm not angry so don't worry. I just wanted folk to understand where it came from.)

It might be a cost constraint or it might be a marketing one. I don;t know. The cynic in me would say marketing. You should also note that SDI is still a better solution compared to HDMI interlaced. This is because the SDI signal is basically a serialised mpeg2 decoded stream of what was on the disc. The HDMI output has gone through two colourspace conversion processes before being output (so I believe from my sources). Both of these colourspace conversion leave room for adding errors.


edit: just checked my website and the copywrite warning isn't there...doih! fixing it now.....cheers Ryan
No worries Gordon, I've edited my post now, not sure if thats what was needed or not?

With respect to the colour space conversions, is that to do with the conversion from 4:4:4 format, full resolution Chroma, to 4:2:2 YCbCr, which is half-resolution Chroma.

Reading something about that on AVS in regards to the new Lumagens, don't really understand what it means.

And is that something to do with the 8bit signal used on DVI and HDMI has a capability of 12bits or something along those lines??

Starting to confuse myself now??? :zonked:

Ryan :smashin:
Don't worry, I'm confused more than you.

I don't understand any of the terms in the last 2 posts. All i need a dvd player and the connection / configuration :D which will supply me the best picture out of Panny 50 pw6.

As you are the expert Gordon, if you were me which dvd player you'll buy and use which connection(dvi or hdmi or component) & configuration (720p ..) with this plasma?

Thanks a lot for your help and warnings so far btw

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