Pioneer 656 changing settings


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Thinking of picking one up 2nd hand for another room. The user states it's "set to component out and needs resetting to scart if that's what you want to use". Now, with the Panny and my old 757i (both bought 2nd hand), this was easy enough to do. However, the fact he warned about this has worried me. Is it a pain on the 656 to reset it?



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Bump! :(


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In the video out menu, if you choose RGB output rather than composite or s video, then the component out is disabled, so need to turn it to one of these and then the component will work again.

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As per all DVD players, its component or RGB output and all you need to do is toggle between the 2 in the setup menu. Just connect a scart lead and set the TV input to composite, enter the 656's setup menu and set it to output RGB and then set the scart input to RGB as well - simple :thumbsup:



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Cheers gentlemen! Thought it would be simple enough, but don't want to spend out on what would be a '3rd choice' DVD if it's going to be a hassle. :smashin:
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