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I'm looking at getting a Pioneer 585 or 575 DVD player, but I have read that the 585 is not so good. I can get the 575 for the same price as the 585 (maybe a little cheaper), but my question is this: Is the 575 actually a better player than the 585 or are the bad reviews simply because the 585 is not a significant improvement over the 575?
I think the safe money is on the 575 but I wouldn't be surprised if the guy who reviewed the 585 simply took it out of the box and plugged it in. A couple of tweeks such as setting sharpness to fine can make all the difference on many displays.

The 585 is no giant killer.
Nic Rhodes said:
The 585 is no giant killer.

As my SD DVD player buying days are over I'll certainly take your word on that. ;)
I brought the 575. just to see what all the fuss is about.
It is a good little player and seems to be liked by a lot of people.
Not sure how it compares to the 585 thow, as i have not played with that one.
One thing that surprised me with the 575 is the CD's very good with analouge connections.

From all the stories floating about on here regarding the 585....i would say the 575 would be the best bet.

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