Pioneer 575 decoding or AV amp?


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Here's a question about the relative merits of decoding of DD and DTS soundtracks.
I've just got a Pioneer 575 which has a digital sound output and 6 analogue outputs plus on-board decoding for DD and DTS.
So the question is, which is the best route - digital output to amp (mine is an Onkyo TXDS 696 - cost about £850 4 years ago) and let the amp do the decoding or let the DVD player decode and output via 6 analogue outputs to the 6 analogue inputs on the amp (as I would to play SACDs)?

Any thoughts? Anyone tried and compared?



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Why not connect the player to the amp with both digital and 6 analogue cables.Then you can compare DD and DTS from both types of connection,imo DD and DTS would be better using the amps decoders but you will need the 6 analogue cables to listen to SACD or DVD-AUDIO :)


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I honestly don't know if the amp or the DVD player would be better for the DD/DTS decoding but one thing is for sure - you'll get better base management etc, from the amp and, as such, I would suggest that you use it. Obviously, you have no choice when it comes to DVD-A and SACD, it has to be the DVD player.

Therefore, I am suggesting the amp for DD and DTS and the player for the DVD-A and SACD.




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i dont have the same system, but my denon 3910 and 3803 are set up with both digital coaxial and 6 channel (sadly 3803 didnt have denonlink).......i use the DVD player for SACD and DVD-A obviously as you have to, but i use the amp mostly for DD or DTS, this is because it can provide matrixed EX or ES....but there are a few films that i dont really like the sound in EX or ES, so i use my DVD payer because personally i feel it does it better than the amp in normal 5.1.....but then the 3910 is a bit higher up the food chain than yours so i wouldnt like to say......
but as someone suggested, set it up with both types of connection and experiment, dont worry about what should be done or other people do, worry about what your ears tells you sounds best, if you cant tell the difference then it doesnt really


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I've tried a few films using the 575's internal DTS/DD decoders and it does a pretty good job. I usually go back to the amp's decoder because it gives more control and DSP options but for pure DD/DTS the Pio is fine...PJ

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