Pioneer 575 cockup, please help.


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I fixed up my new Pio 575a DVD player to my JVC plasma last night using the component cables (which I am right in thinking gives the best picture, yes?) then started messing about with the settings, should I be using progressive or deinterlaced for the picture settings? Also I switched the output from Video to RGB, the screen then went black, the sound can still be heard but I have no picture......have I broken it, how do I get the damn picture back and should the output be set to video, s-video or RGB?

Cheers Guys.


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Try pressing and holding for a few seconds the stop button on the front panel of the player this should switch back to video_Otherwise connect a scart lead and switch to the scart input and a picture will return.


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Superb, cheers, anyone any ideas on my other queries?


When you changed the scart output to RGB the component output is not done any more by the player (you can't have it output RGB and component at the same time).

Now, in order to get the image back again, I would say connect your player to your plasma using a scart cable. Change the configuration for the scart connection to be be composite or s-video. You will have component out again. When you're done remove the scart cable - you don't need it anymore.

Whether you should be using interlaced or progressive ... i have the same player as you and I use progressive to my plasma. I've not done a lot of tests, but this seems to me the best setting.



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Degas said:
Superb, cheers, anyone any ideas on my other queries?

For future reference, most dvd players (well, every one I've ever come across) can't output component and RGB at the same time. To use component, you need to be set to 'video'. You will need to connect using scart, go back into the menu and change back from RGB to Video.

Plug back in to your now-active component connection, and choose the progressive output.

EDIT: Sorry Benfica, didn't mean to repeat what you just said! You posted while I was typing...

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