Pioneer 565 v Sony NS930 help please



I am trying to decide between the Pioneer 565 and the Sony 930 and have read many reviews, which basically seem to say they are great systems. The Sony, however, has PAL progressive scan. should this be enough to tip the scales for me? Does anyone have any views on which way I should go, or is there another player out there which I'm missing.

Any help, greatly appreciated



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We need to know more.(What display are you using)
i would say if you were using it with a none Ps display then the 565 would be the better choice. Better build, sound and picture(interlaced).

If you were using a PS display like a plasma or projecter then the sony would win simply for the improved image the Progressive scan would give.



I am using a panasonic 42pw6 plamsma with TUPTA600 tuner box and a panasonic XR10 amp, and am slowly learning about the 1000 different leads, connections and speaker cables which exist in the world - all a bit harder than I imagined this home cinema mallarky



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I bought a Pioneer 565 for my Panny PWD6, but was unhappy with the way it handled progressive scan and got it replaced with the Sony 930 instead.

The kink with the 565 is that it only does NTSC progressive scan, which I was aware of before I bought it. However, when you select 'Progressive scan' in the options, it completely disables PAL output and converts PAL signals to NTSC which leads to juddery pictures which were very distracting.

I've only had the 930 for a day, but I enabled progressive scan and tried Master and Commander and it looked excellent. Star Trek: TNG (Season 7) suffered a bit though, I could see lines appearing in the people during certain scenes.

Personally I'm still not convinced about PAL Progressive scan, at least on these 'budget' players. Perhaps the higher spec Pioneers would have been the better option.

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