Pioneer 565 or Yamaha s540




I am looking for a new player and Pioneer 565 or Yammie s540 are what I narrowed my search to (after reading some reviews and searching up this board) - and despite some lovely conversations with the Richer Sounds bloke CA DVD57 is not on the list.

Primarily what I am after is picture and sound quality (stereo the mo, but to be upgraded to 5.1 soon). JPEG and MP3 are desirable. SACD and DVDA - not interested. Current TV is non-prog scan.

I appreciate that 565 is twice the budget, however if the pic quality is that better I would go for it. Otherwise if all important stuff is equal I'd go for s540.

Also, if I go for s540, I understand it is easily region modded by inputting some magic number. However does this negate the warranty and whether its’ worth buying a slightly more expensive pre-modded version?

Any advice or comparisons will be appreciated :)
I'd read the warranty terms (probably available in internet, where you can download the Manuals of all Yamaha hardware), but I bet it cannot invalid it... To type a number from the remote while the tray is open cannot be really understood as misuse, neither opening the unit...
I am keeping an eye on the 540, except DIVX it does all I want...
Hi Daisy,
I have just bought the 565 to replace a Sony 900v.
It is a good player but has issues with my Panasonic tv whilst playing NTSC discs via RGB so I use either it's S video output or the HS2.
A player I used to have, a Panasonic S75 is a very good player, does J-pegs, great picture and around £100 to £120 in multiregion.
If you can make do with one scart try the S75.
If you need 2 for looping Sky or anything else go for the 565.
I can vouch for the Yamaha - its does NTSC/PAL conversion, easily modded and doesnt affect warranty, great picture and sound, plays literally everything inc. JPEG files, nice MP3 features/layout. A bit of a steal actually!! Like all things, spending more money should equate to better quality, but for peace of mind perhaps you can demo the two models side by side and decide for yourself.
Markie Boy
Thanks for the replies guys!

as I suspected both will have positive replies. I wonder if anyone has seen both and could make a direct comparison (or else I'll need to find a store that demoes both).

Markie, when multiregioning Yammie do you input those numbers only once, or have to do it every time you play a region 1 disc?
For the region hack, it's entered once on the Yamaha.

Personally I'd recommend trying to get a demo of each with your TV before buying,

If your current TV is non prog scan you should be pleased with the Yamaha, but I had major issues with it when Progressive was enabled (Ghosting issues).

I was impressed by the interlaced signal, but wanted prog scan so sent it back and bought another player from the same dealer.
I just wanted to complete Jason's answer about the hack...
The code you enter can finish in 0 or any number of the different regions (1-4?). If you enter 0, it becomes code-free, and if you enter any other, you change region :) But I guess everybody types 0!

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