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Has anyone managed to fix the horizontal banding problem with region 1 disks and RGB? I found this which might fix it can someone try it and let me know before I go and buy another 565. Thanks

The TV engineer has just left after curing the scrolling interference
pattern seen when watching DVD via RGB. The problem is known to Panasonic. The cure is an adjustment to the "Digital Voltage Control Oscillator" (DVCO).

The DVCO is altered via the service control menu, this menu is accessed by:

> Bass to Max
> Treble to Min
> Press Prog Down on TV and Index on the remote
> Red or Green button navigates the menus
> Yellow or Blue button alters values

> Store to save changes
> End to leave


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I tried it .
the original setting was dvco 16, i pressed yellow and it slowly went up and settled on 21,just hope it doesn't band on bright images.


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I have just done it, went from 01 to 16 but I still have a problem, using Indy Jones 1 as a ref disc I get no movement banding but more of a "phasing" on bright or dark scenes.
1 at the start where the airplane flies over as they escape

2 when he embarks on the seaplane, whilst just sat down and focussed on the face there is terrible dark bands even on pause.

Oh well, my HS2 is fine so I will use that .

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