Pioneer 540 dvd+rw initialising/finalise


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I have a variety of disks (+, -, R and RW`s) and am having a problem with Verbatim +RW.

When I insert the disk into the Pio it will play but I cannot access the initialise or finalise. (greyed out on set up screen)

I cannot record to these disks on the Pio..

I can record and play onto these disks on my computer and also erase.

I cannot remember if the first recording was done on the computer or the Pio..

I don`t have any unused disks to try and don`t want to waste cash on buying +RW`s if this is a bug..

Many thanks in advance for any answers..

I hope I have covered evrything if more detail is required please ask..


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I have just noticed that the disk is showing as a DVD ROM when I use Nere Disk Info..

I think it should show it as a DVD +RW..

Any Ideas on how to change it? I will continue with the research..


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sussed it..

Somehow the DVD+RW had been converted to a Book Type ROM Disk..

Reformatted with Nero speed check tool

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