Pioneer-530 + Bush Idaptor compatability

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by Lee G Williams, Oct 19, 2005.

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    :eek: I currently have my 530 rigged up to a sony freeview box, works ok but have to make sure unit is on, obviously, or set to its own timer for my guide plus recordings to work in harmony with freeview receiver.. Question: if I were to purchase Bush Idaptor ( plug in scart type freeview tuner ) which apparantly has no external power source, assuming it relies on getting power from the scart it is connected to, ie the pio 530, would it then in theory come on when the recorder comes out of standby for recording and then pioneer would activate required channel via infra-red IR blaster. Hesitate to suggest you then have, more or less, integrated freeview ( sony box becomes second tuner) I may be completely wrong, but if right.. :clap: :clap:

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