Pioneer 530 - 3hr SP HDD to DVD - takes ages !



If i select a quality level say LP or Optimised as i copy to a normal dvd-r
it needs 3hrs to do it ?

is the key to record in loewr quality first then u can high speed copy as normal ?

will it give me some sort of guide as i select though - e.g. on the EPG select 3hr prog - select LP will it tell me this will then fit on 1 dvd-r ?

thanks for any advice


Lee G Williams

Hello.. to do high-speed copying you have to be using the same quality setting as used on hard drive then to disc. ie maximum that can be dubbed to disc in sp mode is 2hrs, changing to optimise for dubbing say a 2hr30min sp recording from hdd to dvd will only be done in real time. Trick is to check program length on guide plus then go to initial settings/ manual recording quality. It shows you a scale telling you which bit rate settings offer recording durations on hdd/dvd, if you want to record a 2hr30m program you can find the right recording rate and set it, go to your schedule on guide plus and change recording quality to manual (it comes up as mn25 or mn35 etc depending on your previous selection) just remember films etc recorded on commercial channels will become shorter once edited of ads,news breaks etc. some films i've recorded over say 2hr45 have only come out at 2hr30 once edited so i could have got away with a slightly better recording rate, if you see what i mean. would be interested to know if your guideplus has picked up more4 and/or itv4...cheers :smashin:


will check the EPG later- thanks

i keep getting write errors when letting it try to copy now - does about 7 or 8 mins and error - wasted disc ?

but if i just copy normal lenght stuff its ok ?

very strange

think i'll go for the technique you described above

so at the moment i cannot copy a 3hr sp level to a disc even if i let it
optimise quality itself


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