Pioneer 515 into Tosh Plasma, major problem !!



Hopefully my Tosh Plasma from Richer Sounds will be here on friday .. fingers crossed.
However I am still confused about how to connect my VCR, SKY and Pioneer 515 DVD.
I have just discovered that my old (but reliable and multiregion) 515 does not output RGB (specs below) so it appears that I am left with connecting it to my Plasma using a 3 metre long S Video lead.
I have not read many good things on these forums regarding S Video, is it really that bad ??
Anyone else out there using S Video would you put my mind at rest ??!!
I may have to consider buying a new DVD player, anyone know of any multiregion for less than £200, available now ??
Thanks for your time ..... Foxy.
515 specs; 1 Component Video Output (Y, CB, CR)
1 S-Video Output
1 Video Output
2 Audio Outputs
1 Coaxial Digital Output
1 Optical Digital Output

Joe Fernand

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Use the YCbCr outputs - you will require a set of three RCA to RCA video cables and plug these into the first three RCA sockets marked R,G and B on the plasma display.

On the plasma display you will then select 'Component' video rather than RGB on the on-screen menu for this input.

Best regards


PS The S-Video is not the end of the world - its just not as good as RGB or Component.



Unless you're 515 is different from mine then you won't have a component output, only scart/s-video/composite. If it'll make you feel any better, before I got my new Arcam DVD Player :) I had my 515 connected to the S-video input of the plasma and it looked great. Don't worry.



Thanks Joe and John for your comments.
I have come up with a good idea !! How about I buy a Toshiba SD-220E multiregion for £135 with component output and connect it with component leads (cost approx £60) directly up to the plasma ??
Then sell my Pioneer 515 for £75 !!!!
Do you agree that this is a good idea ??!!
Cheers, Foxy ....

Alternatively (SORRY!!) I could go for the Pioneer DV350 multiregion for £128 delivered, no component output but I imagine the picture/sound quality will be better and no RCE problems (just received 5 stars in What Hi Fi Oct 2002) ??

Jon Weaver

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As you already have a plamsa, and are interested in buying a new DVD player, surely you would be better spending a little more and getting a model which is capable of doing Progressive Scan..

The Toshiba 520 is probably the cheapest option.

However, with PAL progressive just round the corner, its might be a bit silly doing this now.

Why not use your 515 until the next batch of PAL progressive capable machines come out.

There is nothing wrong with your suggestion, but after spending may thousands of pounds on your Plamsa, I would expect that you would want to get the best out it.


I agree with Jon on this one. Get a good progressive DVD player to get the best out your plasma, it doesn't have to be too expensive and as Jon said I think that there will be a few round the corner, take a look on the DVD player forum here it really helped me when I was trying to decide.

In the meantime though, I know you won't be dissapointed in the 515 going through S-vid I certainly wasn't, I wouldn't have even bought a new DVD player just now if it wasn't for the fact it was bonus time at work. :)



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Jon's got the right answer here do the wait.

OR get a working Dennon 3800 or a Arcam 88+ or get Phillips 963 from Honk Kong from Havizon..................or wait ahhhhhh


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