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    I live in South Africa and have been told by Pioneer that they will NOT be bringing the 5100H into the country. I am looking at a HDD unit for editing purposes and preferably want a - RW recorder as opposed to a RAM recorder as I want to burn rewritable discs that not only play in my lounge DVD player ( Pioneer ) but also for other purposes.

    Firstly has anyone who has bought this unit had any negative or bad experiences and possibly regrets their purchase and secondly can anyone put me in touch with a reputable dealer either in the UK or USA who currently have this unit available in PAL and MULTIREGION (I mean NOW .... and not on order ..... this money is burning a hole in my pocket ) They must also be able to ship it to South Africa (B&H in NY would have been my first choice but will only have it in 6-8 weeks .... too long !)

    Anxiously awaiting all your replies.

    Many thanks !!

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