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Pioneer 5090 speaker set up Side and Underneath.


Standard Member
Can anyone advise on what would be involved in attaching side speakers as well as the underneath speaker to my 5090?

I want to run a 7.1 system but I intend to use the side speaker kit along with my already attached underside speaker as the front 3 speakers of the 7.1 set up.

Has anyone done this? Will I have problems with the bracket connections?

Thanks in advance.

Lucas Buck

Standard Member
I'm getting confused here, but are you thinking of connecting the side speakers to the amp or the TV?

If to the TV, I'm not sure that would work. Even if you were able to connect both the side speakers to the same speaker connections on the TV (might be risky in terms of overloading or splitting the speaker output signal), the sound you would get would be the same for the side and under speakers and this would not be true 7.1. And for the price of the two side speakers, you could probably buy much better 'seperates' speakers.


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those speakers are only meant to connet to the tv not to the amp, the cable they provide with speakers are only good to connect to tv and more over they are only 18W each.If you looking for some decent sourround sound depends how big your pocket is go to Richer sounds or Audio-T , do a good google search as well. All the best.



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The cable can be solved by using better quality. THe issue is my wife does not want either wall mounted or floor standing speakers at the front by the tv. ( and I don't want to chase out the wall to run cables either). What would be wrong with plugging the side and underside speakers into a 7.1 amp?
Even if they are 18w.

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