Pioneer 507 connected through DVI-D -> HDMI




Is it any possible way to pixelmap to 1360x768 through any of
the HDMI ports on a Pioneer 507?

I dont want to use the VGA port, because I think output quality is not as
good as through hdmi.

When I connect to the screen through HDMI it allows me to use
1280x720 @ 60hz - Though it overscans my desktop!
Can I disable the overscan in any way?

HELP! :)

Pioneer Man

Quick answer, no.

HDMI is designed for use with Video sources and not a PC, The VGA connection is fine and will give you the ability to display a proper picture from your PC, this is how I have mine setup.

There is no easy way to get rid of the over scan, you can get weird software on the PC to change the 'poaching' of the signal but these make things look much worse.


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The PDP-507XD can only do 1:1 pixelmapping using the VGA input when your videocard is set to 1360 x 768 @ 60 Hz. In this case, real 1:1 pixelmapping will happen. Your display will not use the last 5 pixels colmumns at the right side and leave them black.

Unfortunately, the VGA input is not designed for moving pictures and can only be used for the desktop and application's like powerpoint or slideshows. You will have judder with PAL or 50 Hz based video, because it only supports 60 Hz and the VGA input suffers from banding with fast moving pictures.

My advise, when you want to play video content from the PC, is to use the HDMI input using a standard HDTV 720p50 for 50 Hz based video and HDTV 720p60 for 24fps and 60 Hz based video. With some videocards, like the nVidia Geforce, you can get rid of overscan done by the PDP-507XD using the overscan adjustment in the advanced control panel of the Geforce videodriver. The overscan adjustment is not necessary when you use a 10-feet interface like XP or Vista Media Center, because these interface are designed to work with display's that do overscanning.

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