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Hi All,

I have the 506XDE which I think is absolutely lovely.

I have a computer connected to the PC input at the front of the media box and the cable sticking our of the front a) looks ugly and b) stops me from being able to close the silver flap.

I have seen DVI to HDMI cables and wondered:

If I get a graphics card for the PC with a DVI output and use a DVI to HDMI cable, would it work?

The goal is not to increase picture quality (although that would be nice), but to allow connection from the rear of the pioneer media box obviating the ugly cable sticking out of the front.

What would stop me is a decrease in picture quality.

I run the PC at 1024/768 though could run it higher if needed.

Any advice would be most appreciated.


hi i have done it both ways, i started of with the dvi connection but found that it cut the pc screen size and it was not really that good. i have now got the proper lead which is much better.

i agree that now you cant close the lid but my media reciver is in a cupboard.

ps my downstairs pc is a shuttle with a logitech dinevo keyboard and wifi internet and it is fantastic as a media center pc.

logitech medialife.. fantastic programme!


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The XDE media box re-scans the image before passing it onto the panel and offers no pixel perfect option.

via DVI-HDMI and compoment you get a 5% overscan so you lose the edge of the screen. This can be overcome if your video card is support by a little program called powerstrip. This enables you to create a new custom resolution within the existing one and adjust the descrete H & V timings.

I have an ATI Radion 7800XT connected via component which with the help of powerstrip created a custom resolutiom of 1218 x 684 (1280 x 768 - 5%) which means no loss of screen edge.

I play XVids & DVD's through the PC and they look very very impressive!

It will never be as sharp as a panel that supports native PC inputs but is a good compromise.


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How does using a custom res work when you want to play games too?

I gave up on the DVI and went to analogue vga.
Is that a mistake?


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