Pioneer 506XDE dead pixel

John G

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Just set up my new display last night. Looks great but has 1 dead pixel. You cannot see this from normal viewing position. Does anyone know if this is acceptable?
Regards, John


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Are you asking us if it's acceptable to you? Only you can decide if it's worth sending back, if it annoys you or bugs you, send it back, it's very likely you'll get a replacement as most retailers seem to be accomodating when it comes to dead pixels, even if not, kick up a fuss and you'll normally get your way.

Bear in mind it could be a hassle, so weigh up how obvious or annoying it is compared to the annoyance of having no tv and having to box it up and set up a new one.

Best of luck!


And bear in mind that pixels can die at any time.

One died on my 436, out of the main viewing area. Was attracted to it at first, but don't think about it anymore.

John G

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Thanks for your replies. Seeing as it is just 1 that doesn't work maybe it's not such a big deal. I was just curious as to wether it is normal to expect such a thing.
Cheers, John


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Quote from XDE instruction manual (page 8)
Information of pixel defect
Plasma screens display information using pixels. Pioneer plasma display panels contain a very large number of pixels. (Depending on the panel size; over 2.3 million cells in case of a 43 inch display, over 2.9 million pixels in case of a 50 inch display, over 3.1 million cells in case of a 61 inch display). All Pioneer display panels are manufactured using a very high level of ultra-precision technology and undergo individual quality control.
In rare cases, some pixels can be permanently switched off, or on, resulting in either a black or coloured pixel permanently fixed on the screen.
This effect is common to all plasma displays because it is a consequence of the technology.
If the defective pixels are visible at a normal viewing distance of between 2.5 and 3.5 meters whilst viewing a normal broadcast (i.e. not a test card, still image or single colour display) please contact the supplying dealer.
If, however, they can only be seen close up or during single colour displays then this is considered normal for this technology.

Hope this helps


John G

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Thanks for the info. Missed that in the manual


when i bought mine my pdp505xde it had about 5 dead pixels dead i contacted the shop and they changed it np.some times they will come back on .

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