Pioneer 506 XDE blinkning and shutting down


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My great Pioneer 506 XDE today started to automatically shut down/turn off. I have googled and read some threads (for example this one Pioneer 435/436/505/506-SXE/RXE/FDE/XDE - FAQ Part 1 | AVForums without finding a solution. I have also tried to disconnect all cables and completely be without power for 10 minutes

Scenario is the same every time:
- Connect power and turn it on, it works, but the ON (blue) and Standby (orange) lamps are blinking 15 times each and then it shuts down and turn it self off.

I suspect this started when we did disconnect one HDMI cable from the PS4 and then connected an Apple TV instead, while the power was on, on the tv.

I would very much appreciate any help or suggestion.

Regards Robin
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