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Hi all,

Haven't been active here for a while (spending far too much time simply enjoying my kit!). Apologies if this has been covered, but did anyone ever get hold of a discrete remote code to select between HDMI and Component on input 3?

I've now got a Meridian G91 hooked up via HDMI, with Sky & Tivo being converted to HDMI by the G91 - so just a single lead going to the media box.

However, I've got a Roku HD1000 ( arriving in a week or so that will have to go via the G91 into the component input on the media box (the G91 will only do a component passthrough on external hi-def sources).

Naturally I'd rather have a discrete code rather than having to set up a macro on the remote to step through the 504's menu.



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Unfortunately there is no discrete code... A faultless macro is also not possibe as the input menu cycles round the options rather than from top to bottom...

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