Pioneer 504 50"


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seriously thinking of getting one of these

any owners out there care to share their experiences with it?

anyone know where is cheapest to buy one? I've seen one dealer online selling for 5k inc vAT



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Absolutely love it, wasn`t sure if the 50" was worth the extra money but boy i`m glad i went for it. There are threads on this site that outline what few niggles there are, but i`m well chuffed with it.
Hope this helps.


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one concern that I have, is how it will cope with less than perfect inputs? I am sure it looks great with a high-quality DVD player, but what about digital television? of particular concern is Tivo, which converts an analogue signal into digital, thus introducing even more noise



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This was also a concern for me. So much so I bought a second Sky+ plus in readiness to replace my TiVo. Despite what anyone else's 504 looks like with terrestrial/digital feeds the image from my Sky box via TiVo is just jaw dropping 90% of the time. Suffice to say the new Sky+ box is sitting in a cupboard.

If you are anuwhere near the cardiff area you are welcome to come have a look. I think you would be very pleasantly surprised. Just do it. I don't think you will regeret it.

richard plumb

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I'm not sure about Tivo either, and I now tend to watch via the 'aux bypass' when watching live.

I'm looking at poking around in my Tivo with an upgraded hard drive, which would also allow me to tweak the picture - if you go to the UK section, there are hacks that can improve the different picture settings with higher bitrates and also help tame the excessive brightness (if you get affected by that like I do)


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Messiah: what quality setting do you use? The highest? Thanks for the offer of a demo, Unfortunately the trip from Norwich would be a bit long :)

Richard: I have upgraded my TiVo hard drive I now have a hundred and 50 gigabytes. I would thoroughly recommend the upgrade as it makes the tivo experience much better

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