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I did a search here but found nothing like this.

Recently purchased a Pioneer 50 inch, I believe 503 model. I am having a problem with the picture now. I am not too familiar with all the terms and stuff so I might sound a little childish in my description here.

The picture, whether it be from Cable or DVD, is definately being blow up, or zoomed in, and it isn't on the zoom feature which looks completely different from what I am seeing anyhow. The picture is grainy and images are outlined with bluriness which is from the fact that it is being viewed larger than it should. I went through all the menu options changing everything, aspects or whatever I could. Nothing fixed it. While watching some programs, such as a football game, for example the stats they normally show on the bottom of the screen are pushed out of the viewing area.

It reads 480i on the display, which I believe is the lowest resolution it has. It never changes and there isn't any option too change it. It worked fine the first day I had it. Picture perfect. I haven't a clue why it is doing this.

I read something about a RS232 connection? Don't know much about it, but does anybody know can I fix this problem with this ultility? I hope somebody knows what I am talking about.

Thanks in advance for your help or comments.


The Huss


I'm presuming you have the HDE with the media box?

Assuming it is try re-setting the box first...

It the little silver button on the front of the box. Just pop in with a pen and wait a few moments. Alternatively unplug from the mains for approx. 20 mins for a more thorough cleanse.

I am intersted as to why you continually see the 480i display. This typically comes on in top right when displaying a R1 (NTSC) dvd and then only for a few moments when starting the disc. The i stands for interlaced and shouldn't appear in normal TV mode.

Have you changed the signal input? They're are many PAL, PAL 60, SECAM, NTSC (2)..could it be that?

The RS232 port is for engineering config set up and isn't there for the likes of you and me- best left alone.

I also had problems with the media box recently (not same problems). Pioneer were fantastic unlike my retailer :mad:

Pioneer organised a box swap out - no charge - no fuss ..just top notch service.

If the above doesn't help then it is certainly worth giving them a call. Ask for Gooch

good luck.


I did reset and still no change.

I should clarify that the 480i doesn't always appear on the screen, but when is displayed when you indicated or when you hit the display button on the remote. but always says 480i now, no matter what you are playing, save for a PC hookup, where it says 1024i I believe.

Have you changed the signal input? They're are many PAL, PAL 60, SECAM, NTSC (2)..could it be that?

I am not sure I have any options for this? If so, don't know how to change it then.

I will leave the RS232 alone then.

Any chance you have a number you called?

Thanks for the response.

Joe Fernand

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It sounds to me like you may want to get someone with some set up experience around to confirm your system is configured correctly and working properly.

The display shows the incoming signal type momentarily when switching inputs - this is indicating what it is receiving not what it is choosing to output.

Have you connected up your kit as per the HDE instruction manual?

Input 01 - Digibox
Input 02 - VCR
Input 03 - DVD player

With your Dgibox selected you should use the 'Input mode' button (second button down directly below the orange power button on the remote) to toggle between the various wide screen modes.

Assuming you have set your Digibox up to output RGB with 16:9 and SCART on then you want to set the HDE to 'FULL' mode to see the image with no zoom or stretch (again I'm assuming you have Input 01 on your HDE set to RGB).

As per The Huss if none of this resolves your problem and you cant find someone local to confirm your system is set up correctly then you could give Gooch a call (please remember though he is only one man and very busy at times - call your dealer first). Also he will require that you have at least read the manual and understand the basics :)

Best regards


The Huss


I must add that my call to Pioneer was my last desperate cry for help having been totally frustrated for weeks in my attempts to get my supplying dealer to respond.

Having listened to my concerns I think Pioneer took pity on me and took matters into their own hands. In the end it was a S.E based service centre that swapped out my box under instruction from Pioneer itself.

As per Joe's advise, I would seek assistance from your dealer in the first instance. They will presumably be local and have the knowledge and skills to assess if it is simply a set up issue or media box problem. In either case they should be able to help.

Once running correctly you should be delighted.



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