Pioneer 503 MXE Standby Flashing no picture




Tried turning on my Plasma this evening, and all I get is hundreds of lines in green and blue across the screen, it won't go into standby mode, and the green standby light keeps flashing 7 times then going off for a second then another 7 times and goes off for a second (is it trying to tell me something?!)

Got loads of people coming over this weekend so any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Sounds like its gone big time - as a fellow 503 owner I commiserate - was a good set in its day :)

I assume you've tried the traditional power down at the mains, leave for a while, power up again - but it sounds pretty terminal to me.

I am also assuming its doing the pretty patterns without any inputs connected - i.e. its definitely the display thats gone, and not a source device?

Ken B.

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