Pioneer 501



Has anybody listened to the Pio 501 6x 100 watts RMS, and how does it compare with Pio 912 in sound quality ?

I have been told that the Pio is a more up to date model, and sound wise is the equivalent to Pio 812,

Are there better sounding amps to match Mission FS6.1 AV, or am i wasting money on a higher spec amp ?

Mission have told me to look at Amps by Pioneer, Yamaha or Denon, as they have a slightly warmer sound to match FS6.1

Any views ?


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I've got the 501, hooked up to the KEF 1005 speaker package.
Only had it a couple of weeks, but I've been very impressed so far - certainly wipes the floor with the all-in-one I had previously. Big selling point for me was the size of it - its nice and slim, and so fits perfectly in my existing cabinet. Plenty of connections as well, so you can hook up pretty much anything to it......
It also comes with the MCAC thing - you plug a mic into it, and it works out all the speaker distances and levels, which is an absolute godsend !
All in all, I'd definitely recommend it.


Rojo Habe

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I'm pretty chuffed with mine too. Be aware, though, that it's all SCARTs, which could put some people off. I find the SCARTs pretty convenient because of the obvious auto-switching capabilities. The only thing that's slightly annoying is that when you turn off your DVD player or STB, it doesn't automatically switch back to TV.

Soundwise I've no complaints. I've got Mission M8 sub, M3C1 centre and M30 sats at the moment (will eventually upgrade the sats, if not the whole lot) and it sounds fine in my 12ft x 12ft room. If you only have 5.1 speakers, the phantom rear centre really does sound like there's a speaker right behind you. The nicest surprise of all is how impressive Pro Logic II and DTs Neo 6 are. How do they turn plain old stereo into such convincing surround sound?

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