Question Pioneer 50” Kuro 1080 Plasma


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Hi, I’ve been using this TV daily in the bedroom for over 11 years. Was one of the last to be built and has been faultless. We have 65 LG OLED but still love the Pioneer.

Was just watching TV and briefly changed input to HDMI (Firestick) then back to DTV and TV says (This Channel is not in Service). The EPG is fine but none of the channels display. I’ve tried re-tuning but still no picture despite the TV “finding” all the available channels again.

I’ve also scanned without aerial so no channels are found and re scanned with aerial back in but still no picture. HDMI is fine with firestick. Signal strength is over 90%.

Any suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks in advance.


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Thanks for your input guys. I always conceded that I could buy an HD Freeview box if all else failed, good advice Depot, thank you.

Reading your reply earlier JayCee, I considered I’ve been astute enough to turn on and off several times and even reset all settings amongst other trouble shooting efforts. Power cycling..? Surely I’ve not been stupid enough to not consider unplugging it for a period and start again... I’ve since done that and feeling mildly embarrassed, I’m pleased to report that Freeview is working perfect now, thank you.

Hopefully I’ll enjoy many more years with this fantastic TV..!
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