Pioneer 454 - How to make it multi region?


Hi peeps,

My father-in-law in all his knowledge and wisdom decided on impulse to buy a package deal at Currys. In the box came a 42" Pioneer Plasma, a Pioneer 454 DVD player and an AV receiver with the usual 5.1 speakers.

I've done all the cabling for them and chucked out all the free scart cables they threw in with the deal and replaced them with some decent ones.

anyway that's the history, all I really need to know is how can i make the DVD player multi-region?? I've checked on Techronics website and they offer a 'send in' service and they'll chip it for him, but it costs about 85 squid plus VAT. So it'd almost be cheaper to buy a new player.

Any ideas, links or remote hacks I can use?? I've got a Philips pronto universal remote if it helps, i've heard you can send remote hacks via that!




Cheers for that skcollob - well that's one solution.

Any others out there?? Perhaps one that costs less or even better nothing??



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