pioneer 444 problem-horizontal lines.



I don’t know if this is the right forum to post on or if anyone can help but I will give it a shot anyway.
I have a pioneer DV-444 which I have had for about six months and have had no problems with any discs , it is connected to a Toshiba 2805.

This week I have had Buffy the vampire slayer season 5 dvd box set arrive and this is where the fun starts.
I have watched 12 episodes so far and on the first 10 there have been horizontal lines going across the screen when the picture is dark or black.Scenes can be in daylight but maybe the actors are wearing a black t-shirt or there hair is in shadows and you can see lines.
The lines don’t always appear , you can have a scene at night with no lines ,the camera changes angle and lines appear. On the last 2 episodes I have watched there are no lines at all.
The lines are really noticeable on the chapter changes.

I have the player connected via s-video and have tried using scart , no difference.
I have tried the discs in 2 samsung 709’s and a mico celo 80 and the discs play fine, no lines at all.
I have plugged the pioneer into another tv and the lines are still there.
If I change the picture settings from 4:3 to 16:9 so the picture is stretched the horizontal lines disappear .
If I fast forward or rewind when watching the lines also disappear, likewise if I pause the picture.

I hope this is enough information so maybe someone can point me in the right direction to sorting this problem out.

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