Pioneer 436XDE weird HDMI issue...

KJA Lucky 7

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Hello everyone I really hope I can get some insight from someone and help me with a weird problem I am having.

My HDMI setup for the past 8 months has been a 60gb PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, original Xbox (running through a component to HDMI converter) and all of these run through an auto HDMI switcher which in turn goes into the sole HDMI port on my Pioneer plasma receiver.

During these last 8 months with this exact setup I have had no issues until today when I turned on my PS3 and the 'HDMI' channel info in the top right corner of the screen went to '750p' as it always does but then remained black, no flickering etc. just black but displaing the correct resolution that I play at on this TV. I then have changed cables, directly plugging in the PS3 to the receiver and reaching the conclusion that it was the PS3's HDMI port. However I tested it on another HDTV and it worked perfectly, even up to 1080p. I now know it's the HDMI port or my switcher.

Now here's the strange part. My Xbox One, 360 and even my original Xbox all work flawlessly and every time through the HDMI port on my Pioneer plasma both through the switcher and directly to the receiver. To make things more confusing, I then turned on my PS4. My TV displays "750p" in the top right corner and then proceeds to flicker with a black screen to channel info '750p' displayed in the top right hand corner in an endless loop.

Can anyone help me? I have no idea how this has happened but I find it odd that everything else works perfect expect two Sony gaming products! Also tested laptop and Virgin box which also work without issues...I genuinely don't know how to solve this!

Thank you to anyone who reads this.


KJA Lucky 7

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Haven't had it updated in ages so I have no idea why all of a sudden it doesn't work. I'm thinking this would be a HDMI handshake issue? How on earth do I get rid of this? I have already disconnected the receiver from the mains for 20 minutes, reconnected and it has the exact same issue.

KJA Lucky 7

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Had a hunch that it was something to do with HDCP and it was. I updated my PS4 on another TV as I knew there had been a recent update that had the option to turn off HDCP as by default it is on. I turned it off and now my PS4 runs perfectly as it did before.

My question is how can I reset the HDMI handshake with regards to HDCP on the PS3 as I know now 100% that is the cause of this?
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