Pioneer 436XDE or Panny 42PV500

Which one would you buy?

  • Pioneer 436XDE

    Votes: 24 70.6%
  • Panasonic 42PV500

    Votes: 10 29.4%

  • Total voters


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Probably been asked before, if so then my apologies.

If you could buy only one which would it be?

Both about same price, both very similar........... :cool:


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Oooh, this question usually gets a heated response from the current owners of both!

As im toying with it, my personal thoughts are id have the XDE simply cos it looks the nads and picture quality is fairly similar btween the two. If i wanted best PQ then id opt for the 42phd8 over the pv500 anyways, then save for scaler.

Id you do a search im sure your find an improved comparison from someone who knows what they are talking about


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I like the look of the 436 as well and the media box is handy as it cuts down on TV size.

If I'm gonna spend over £2000 on a telly I want it to be the right one, my original budget was only £1500 so I'm away up on that...... :eek:

Decisions, decisions............



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No doubt about it - the Pio is far cuter. But I remain unimpressed by the black levels...


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Sounds obvious, but make sure you push the dealers on price before you decide (especialy if you live within 1h of Tottenham Court Road).

I had the 435 vs 500 decision to make earlier this summer. Although they looked similar in price to start with, i was able to get the Panny for about £2,200 incl ped stand and this was well over 400 quid cheaper than the best deal i found for the pio.

Since opinion was divided on "the best" and i didnt really want another box for my av stand, i went for the Panny and am very happy :D


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But I remain unimpressed by the black levels...
If you remain unimpressed with the black levels, then tbh you aren't going to be bowled over by the Panny either..

Panny blacks are nowhere near true black, they are only 'slightly' better then the 436 blacks, not night and day.. to make a decision based on the that 1 number is stupid..


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I'v been looking at these two models for over a week now and will have to flip a coin i think!
I watch alot of movies in the evening and here in Hong Kong we don't get digital or HD tv so i'm leanning more towards the panny i think.
I'm not sure which is more pricey in the UK but here there is only a few hundred pounds in it, Pio being the cheaper.
Pios i'v looked at all have noise @ 1 to 2 feet from screen although i'm sure you can work it out through some calibration(and who sits at 2 foot viewing dist?).
Colors sharp and bright and gave a wonderfull image on the demo disc in the store.
Panny in one word, BLACKS! colors are also very nice on the panny but not as bright as the pio.
There are a few worrying posts about black lines in the middle of the screen and some kind of contrast issue with black lvls, although there are equel numbers of people who don't see them.

Bottom line, there both good tv's and the only diffrence i can see is viewing enviroment. Panny looks better in dark lit rooms while the pio did better in brighter lit rooms.


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