PIONEER 436XDE - close viewing




Ive ordered a 436xde which should be arriving Friday but I cant seem to tget over the fact that close up (Im talking a 1 foot away from screen) you can see apparant noise in the image but when doing the same on the 42PV500 it seems very crisp. Now I know I wont be viewing from this distance but doesnt this give some indication to the quality of the panel?

To be fair its not possible to see when at normal viewing distance from demos but it bothers me somewhat...:s
Dont worry about it. Ive had the 506xde for a couple of weeks now and up close the picture looks dreadful but from my armchair its the best by a long throw. Its amazing how everything snaps into place. Having seen friends screens (Panasonic + Hitachi) Its my opinion and THEIRS that the Pioneers are the one to beat at the moment - well anyway for the next few months until some new model comes out.
Eitzel, thanks, but that was not my question! ;) I was not asking at which viewing distance I should watch TV, but I wanted to know at which viewing distance the noise went away for eonone and Sooren.
I did notice that, that even close up on the Pv500 there is very little noise. But we dont watch TV with our noses against the glass so its not a problem for those with the Pioneer.
We sit 12' from the screen bearing in mind that we have the 50 506XDE and the picture is great. If we go closer than 6' the pictur quality degrades. Hope this helps.
Correct, we dont sit with our noses up to the screen but does it not show the difference in the panels that one is crisp and one is noisy?

Ive heard that its because Pio have a mesh type filter that allows for a sharper looking image at distance as I hear that Pios are known for their sharp image, however it is far from sharp close up...
the Pioneer does indeed produce more noise than the Panny that why I bought the Panny!

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