Pioneer 436XDE Bad Boy

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:lesson: Now hear this Now hear this ,nearly bought a pana pv500 42" out of stock :thumbsdow opted for the Pioneer brand spanka oh yes :clap: what a tv !! Looks sleek and much more classy than the pana and a sweet blue light, hooked up sky + fantastic and dvd on rgb scart is mind blowing :eek: (saving for a decent HDMI player) but can it really get any better digitally? Match of the day was as good as on my old pana 36" crt , happy days !

Gonna get some pics on this week, does anyone know the code to control my plasma via the sky remote?

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Yeah, I compared the pana and pioneers side by side instore and I think you have made the right choice. There's an almost three dimensional depth to the Pioneers images caused by its superior black level. I also noticed excellent gradiation (very little banding) although the Pana seemed to struggle a bit in this area.


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longy said:
superior black level ? now u r taking the **** ,pana has got a better grey scale and graduation

Proove it....


Got to say Pioneer is the daddy again, will be there a while too as Panasonic have lost the plot a little.


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one thing i did notice about the pioneer is that it dosent give a double image ie black background white wrighting,the pana does and is quite bad. so the pioneer is probably better overall


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You want pics before it's delivered? OK, this is what it's replacing, I have a Denon 2910 to unpack, the video players going and I'll re-arrange things, maybe the Pioneer box in the middle with the Denon and Pioneer player on top.



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Im very impressed mate.

I think that you guys have sold the pio to me.

Im deliberating between the pani and the new pio 436xde.
Currently got a sony 37inch plasma, but want a larger screen. So its going to get put on ebay very soon.
Will defo upgrade to the 436xde by the end of this month.

My current set up is:
Sony KDE-P37XS1
Denon 2910
Denon AVR 2105
KEF 2005.2


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Nice one! Look forward to seeing the pictures. :)

Will be interesting to see the What HIFI awards this month (October 20th). Current issue has a brief review of the 436XDE in it under the heading, 'Best Plasma In The World?'

The new daddy has arrived. ;)
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From what Ive heard the PV500 still is the one to beat. Yes the Pioneer is very nice, but it still suffers from poorer blacks than the pv500 and the judder, im sure this is what will be stated in the review, but I guess we will all have to wait and see what happens, but one things for sure, they are both great TV's


tscotsman said:
From what Ive heard the PV500 still is the one to beat. Yes the Pioneer is very nice, but it still suffers from poorer blacks than the pv500 and the judder, im sure this is what will be stated in the review, but I guess we will all have to wait and see what happens, but one things for sure, they are both great TV's

Who told you?

I have both and a PHD8, i would cancel your order for your pv500 mate.


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Which model have you ordered?


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I have just bought from , £2800 with swival stand, speakers and 3 yr warrenty, i phoned them up and talked to a very knowledgable fella called serb for around 20 mins, just waiting for delivery.


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How long did they quote you for delivery?


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Well got my 436XDE today and I must say what a fantastic piece of kit, in my hurry to get it installed I forgot to take all the pictures I promised.


The only problem, the underside speaker I ordered never got delivered because they never had any, called Leconcepts and they said this speaker won't be in until the end of October as Pioneer didn't make enough to fulfil orders. So I opted for the side speakers which will be delivered tomorrow.

Still have to set it all up properly with the DVE disc I bought and have only played with it a bit. The kids and I watched The Magic Roundabout, superb, cannot fault the picture in anyway, blacks to me look, well, black, very black compared to my old Toshiba CRT. My Xbox via component also looks great although I'm having problems with the sound at the moment, have to do some more fiddling.

My only small gripe is that there is a quiet buzzing which increases when the picture gets brighter. When I first set it up, without everything else plugged in and the spagetti junction of cables criss crossing each other, there was no buzz, so I assume it's some sort of a shielding problem. I've some Merlin mains cables and a Wireworld ultraviolet cable coming tomorrow so I hope this may eliminate it, although listening now as I type, it's gone.

My son walked in from school, looked at the plasma and then went outside to play with his friends and I overheard him say " Daddy's put our tele higher up on the wall :rolleyes:

Stickers have now been removed.


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Excellent Peterm thanks for the update & news. Please do continue to post updates and impressions for the rest of us!



I would be interested to know if changing the cables sorts out the buzzing. I've got buzzing on mine to the point of distraction, I found running at 100Hz cut out a lot of buzz. Comet are delivering a new one on Thursday as they had given me speakers for the 50" scsreen, and they don't just deliver the speakers separately so I'll try out the new panel and keep the quieter one.

I've also got a Belkin AV Isolator 8-way socket on the way to see if that helps.

Love the picture on it though and no sign of judder that some people keep banging on about either.


Hi ....1st post but wanted to let you know about the buzzing. I took delivery of my 436 XDE at weekend and also noticed the buzzing although the wife didn't notice it. Anyway, after reading some over posts I tried the 100Hz setting and it has definately improved to the point of not being able to hear it from where I sit. I do have the screen and all source components feed with an Isotek Vision mains conditioners, but haven't tried it without it so can't be sure this makes any difference.....bought it mainly to help tidy up the wiring.

Regaridng the judder poeple have referred to, I think this is mainly down to the source. Some low quality signals look poor, but thats to be expected (mainly from weak signals). Other than that I cannot notice a thing with decent sources... superb in my opinion.

I two was torn between the Pany, but chose the Pioneer minaly down to HDMI connections (2 of them) together with the Media box and the general appearance. Re the picture, unless comparing against HD sources I think this will depend on the quality of the feeds, so some people may experience better results than others and vice versa.... Both good screens.


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