Pioneer 436XDE - Anyone still got image retention 3 years on...?


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My Pioneer 436XDE is 3-years-old now and I still love it...but it still suffers from chronic image retention:mad:
Worst screen is the Sky programme planner with its blocky bars. You only have to have this screen on for a few seconds and you can see the bars if you switch to another channel.
The images do disappear over time but it's still annoying...
Every time my wife pauses a programme to leave the room I find myself reaching for the remote to put a snowy screen on.
The set was ISF calibrated two years ago but the motherboard in the screen's media box has been replaced since then so the settings returned to 'out of the box' (Brightness 40, all others 0).

Current settings are:
Contrast 32
Brightness 0
Colour -8
Sharpness down to -5

All processing off except
Gamma 3
midlow colour temperature
Refresh screen at 100Hz
POWER SAVE is at standard

Many thanks


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You are very unlucky. My 506 never had IR (I ran contrast at 22) but a friend who still has a 436 (and Sky) doesn't have noticeable IR either; and the other day I caught him running contrast at 40!
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