Pioneer 436 XDE connectivity

Mr Miaowgi

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Due to the SKY HD issue I am not using any of the HDMI ports on my receiver box and SKY is going via component connection.

This is getting very frustrating as I am unable to use my 360 in HD but someone last night suggested putting the 360 in via a VGA cable. Does this still give a HD signal as good as component and where the hell is the VGA port on the receiver box? I have had a look and cant see any inputs like it. I may just be being stupid but the only one I can see is at the front when you pull down the flap which will look crap.

Redeye UK

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The VGA cable will allow you to configure the 360 to output a precise resolution to match your TV so in theory should give an even better PQ.

I've seen this claimed on gaming forums as well.

The front input is a bit of a pain but all that ugly stuff should hidden away anyhow.

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