Pioneer 436 and DVD scaling


You bypass it, or rather just the scaling part, if you output at 576 for PAL, 480 for NTSC. The Pio accepts any res the Meridian can throw at it. That's not to say it is better or worse at any particular resolution, in spite of what credulous owners tell you. Deinterlacing by Faroudja must be a good thing, it has to happen somewhere, best to do it once and do it well. Same could be said of the scaling part, but none of the output resolutions are panel native, so you have not taken the scaling away from the screen. 576p must be scaled somewhere to fit a 1024/768 panel. So must 720p and 1080i, so what's to be gained by doing it twice? With genuine 720p material, the screen certainly looks better, but I'm unconvinced by multiple scaling operations.
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