Pioneer 435HDE + dv990 + DVD player

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    Hi all
    I ve got a pioneer plasma 435 and a surround system dv990 which doesn t have component out and progressive scan.
    So i ve considered buying a good dvd player with hdmi out for my plasma but they are too expensive.
    Is hdmi soooo much better than component
    to deserve so much money?
    Anyway now i m between 2 dvd players with component out and dual progressive scan.
    The dv470 and dv575.
    The differences between them is that 575 has 5.1 out and plays dvd audio.
    I m going to connect it to my dv990 system which already has a 5.1 decoder.
    Do i need the 5.1 out?
    If not, how should i connect the dv470 to my home theater system?
    via optical output?

    Forgive me if this question is dummy but i m a little newbie. :p

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